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In our latest #CareerTalk series, Lisa Gu, IABC Waterloo Membership Director, interviews Michele English, an inspiring communications leader pivoting …

LG: Can you tell us about your first name? It’s Michele with one “l” instead of two. 

ME: Well, I guess you could say my first name has a typo. Maybe it’s why I ended up liking editing so much! My parents claim they named me after The Beatles song “Michelle”… but they spelled it with one “l” which…

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Thinking of changing a job or even a career? Our Co-Director of Events, Folake Owodunni, a former lab technician and new immigrant to Canada, shares h…

LG: How did a biology student become a savvy communicator?

FO: I loved biology in high school and majoring in it was a no brainer for me. Early into my university life, I was shocked to find out my courses were very different from what I expected. I did not enjoy my program, but decided to stick…

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In our new #CareerTalk series, Lisa Gu, IABC Waterloo Membership Director, interviews Chris Sellers. Chris is a passionate community leader, a long-tenured IABC member (since 1995), and a master in finding information without using Google. Meet Chris Sellers, Director of Communications,…

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By Ryan Métivier

1. Remember, we’re all in the same boat

I often chat with people who don’t frequent networking events, and hear them say it must be intimidating to go to something with so many strangers. But everyone who is part of your life started out as a stranger in one way or another.…

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IABC Waterloo is happy to announce we are officially accepting speaker proposals for the Break Through 2018 Communications Conference, taking place on March 21, 2018, in Cambridge, Ontario at the Cambridge Mill.

Last year, the first-ever Break Through Communications Conference was a sold-out…

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