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After a call out to members, we are excited to announce the proposed slate for the IABC Waterloo 2018-19 Board. This group will represent you, our members, for the 2018-19 year.

If you have any questions, please connect with presidents@iabcwaterloo.com. If no one objects to the proposed…

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It’s hard to believe the 2017-18 Board year has already come to an end. It was a whirlwind year with a lot of excitement and challenges. At the beginning of the year, I encouraged our Directors to take risks, try new things and think outside the box in their portfolios. We wanted to have a fun year…

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The IABC Waterloo 2017-2018 year finished off in style – honouring a local legend and truly inspiration communication professional who has helped to mentor countless communicators throughout the Region, Fran Gregory. 

Fran has had a truly inspiring and influential communications career, working in…

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Interested in joining the IABC Waterloo Board of Directors? We’d love to have you! Below are the descriptions for all positions available for the 2018…

Below are the descriptions for all positions available for the 2018-19 Board.

Requirements for all roles:

  • Monthly Board meetings from August to June (schedule to be determined by Board once elected)
  • Day-long planning retreat
  • Attendance at one or more chapter PD events
  • One year commitment
  • Must…
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In our latest #CareerTalk series, Lisa Gu, IABC Waterloo Membership Director, interviews Michele English, an inspiring communications leader pivoting …

LG: Can you tell us about your first name? It’s Michele with one “l” instead of two. 

ME: Well, I guess you could say my first name has a typo. Maybe it’s why I ended up liking editing so much! My parents claim they named me after The Beatles song “Michelle”… but they spelled it with one “l” which…

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